Monday, August 15, 2016

Feng Shui for Sheet Goods -- Tool Tip #17

How many are the ways to store sheet goods?  Really, just two:  horizontally as they do in lumber yards and commercial shops or vertically, typically leaning against a wall, as we do in small shops.
The problem I had with this second system is access, always the sheet closest to the wall was the one you needed which required lifting it up and over all the others.  This shop organizational "tool" provided not only easy access but also mobility, allowing one to roll full sheets up to the table saw and then putting the cut list back aboard.  Pieces could be removed over the rails or alternately slid out from the end.  The whole unit stores easily as well, the swiveling casters allowing parking in very tight spots.  Here are some details:

●  Casters are solid rubber 6" diameter, two with locking levers
●  Dimensions are 2' wide x 6' long; platform structure made of 2x4's 
●  Cleats under each of the separating bars prevent sheet goods from shifting laterally
●  Easy to pull a single piece out of the rack over slick Melamine floor 
●  Height of PVC pipe separators:  15", 24", 41".

Suddenly sheet goods have their feng won't regret having this caddy.

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