Tuesday, May 31, 2016

In-Drawer Knife Block -- Large

This is the larger version of our FlyingCircusStudios.etsy.com item: "In-Drawer Knife Block -- Compact" and was a response to customer demand.  Though only a couple inches larger than the compact version it provides space for thicker handles and longer blades.  Here are the specifications:

● Dimensions are 9 1/2” long, 8” wide and 1 1/4" thick

● Holds 7 knives from 3" paring to 10" chef

● 3 longest slots are 1 1/4" apart; 3 middle slots are 1 1/8" apart; 3 shortest slots are 1" apart

● Slot length ranges from 4 1/2" to 8 3/4"

● Width of two longest slots is 1/8", i.e. knives up to that thickness will fit

● Width of remaining 5 slots is 3/32", which fits most typical kitchen knives

● Finish is primarily Danish oil

Our recommendation is to place the block over cork or resilient shelf pad to protect both the knife edge and drawer bottom. Easily lift knives out with one finger on the butt or by grasping the spine.

Eliminating the handle support block reduces height, length, shipping cost and price, but note that some handle-heavy knives might require a piece of foam, a length of which is included when you order the item, under the handle if you wish to keep them from tipping upward (note the foam in the photo above).

The creation of an Etsy shop was partly a response to my abhorrence of the waste of beautiful wood that ends up in dumpsters outside woodshops everywhere.  Most of my knife blocks are made from woodshop cutoffs that would otherwise end up in the trash.

Singular wooden ware + hand carved teaspoons at:   FlyingCircusStudios.Etsy.com

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Anonymous said...


I love your "in-drawer knife blocks". Nice design :)

I saw its on Etsy but the postal charges to France are too expansive = 70€ ..!
What a pitty !