Thursday, June 14, 2018

Lotion as Hand Cleaner -- Tool Tip #19

One of the neatest things about my 1970 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 were the convenient repair kits that Toyota provided. Packaged in their individual red boxes were everything you needed to rebuild, say, a universal joint or a brake assembly or the master clutch cylinder. I think the idea was that if you filled a modest satchel with a bunch of these kits you really could head out in the boonies and fix most anything on the run. I, however, worked on our FJ40 in the driveway, used quite a few of those little red boxes and got my hands mighty dirty. Back then I used Goop or Gunk or Gorp, whatever, to dissolve the grease and grime, pretty nasty products actually, maybe a step away from washing your hands in gasoline. Took quite a while before I incidentally discovered that most any ordinary hand or body lotion also works well as a hand cleaner. Frankly, for myself, those expensive balms and creams that are supposed to do magic for working hands are mostly hype.

Ever since this discovery, several times a day, I slather lotion on generously as a hand cleaner, and using no water (reduce cracking!) just dry my hands on paper toweling or a terrycloth quite well. The dirt and grime transfers to the toweling.  Plus your hands don't end up marinated in petrochemicals or dried out by soap and water. Those little lotion tubes and bottles turn out to be perfect to drop in a tool bag during installations.  Alas, I've come up with a fairly lame excuse to post a couple pics of my favorite vehicle, but on the otherhand certain individuals in your life may appreciate hands that feel more like 220 grit than 40 grit.  To see all 18 previous tool tips type "tool tip" into the search this blog window.  You might find something you can use in your own shop.

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