Sunday, December 17, 2017

Southwest Christmas Tree 2017

The earth has spun around the sun another year, carrying us all reliably through the winter solstice place on its orbit, caring not a jot about the tumult of the inhabitants on its surface:   the holidays arrive. We have lived another year, such a good thing, certainly another year wiser and why not happier too, yes, let it be. For the fourth year our Southwest Christmas Tree has traveled its short orbit from Arizona room to living room, and once again is festooned with many handmade ornaments, some of which are displayed in the Southwest Christmas Tree from 2015. Special this year is the lovely needlepoint ornament made by my lovely wife and pictured close up here:

Another ornament made of Baltic birch and using a stock scroll saw pattern was being considered as an item for our Etsy shop, but never made it into production...perhaps another year, angel with bugle:

Happy Holidays to all, and as my fellow Columbian said it, "to all a good night!"

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